Watercress Springs Estate Sales

The Sale

The estate sale takes place over a Friday to Sunday weekend period. This allows for many folks to see the items, prices to be realized, and for any variables that can occur such as weather. Most importantly more ITEMS are sold, and hence our VERY successful sell through will result in an empty home for you.

The many folks who arrive at the Sale for the “OPENING BELL” of 10am to get first dibs of antiques, home furnishings, and accessories are greeted by coffee and donuts and a little soft jazz music.

The home is staged & arranged to aesthetically feature the merchandise by our staff of creative stagers and designers. Our customers are always excited to be able to visualize the items in their own HOMES!

Sales can feature everything that makes a house a home from a Gucci bag to an Old Town Canoe.

Attractive price tags identify each item with a description along with important details such as brands, style & measurements.

The home is staffed with our knowledgeable and helpful sales team. Our customer service is five star! Security is a detail handled by a friendly but firm individual checking receipts at the entrance and exit of the sale.  An insured moving company is on call for purchases in need of that service.

Everyone leaves with “something special” and smile!

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The Sale